Lent Is For Re-tuning The Piano Of Our Hearts.

Last week, I was talking to my daughter on the phone. As she was entering home, she heard the melodic sound of a piano. It was being played by a man who had finished tuning a piano she and her husband had purchased awhile back. She was very pleased to hear the music wafting up the stairs especially after the months of hearing her children try to bang out songs on keys that were badly out of tune. I quickly thought about how our rector, The Reverend Seth Cain, likened sin to a piano that was out of tune.

God created us to be a well-tuned instrument. When we are in tune we bring a pleasing sound to the heart of God and we carry a good melody in our own hearts. Yet, as much as we wish it weren’t so, we are all prone to sin and fall short of God’s glory and as hard as we might try, we just cannot stay in tune. Thankfully, we have one who is able re-tune the strings of our hearts, Jesus. He is able because when he underwent temptation, he made his stand on God’s Word and refused to give in to Satan’s alluring offers. Not only is he able, but he wants to and is the one who takes the initiative to make it happen.

In the wisdom given by the Holy Spirit, the Church has provided us with the season of Lent. Starting with Ash Wednesday through Easter Sunday we are reminded that we need to be re-tuned. We are called to ponder the various ways we tend to make ourselves out of tune, to seek God’s mercy, to limit some things we like to do or eat and to brush up on the spiritual disciplines that we have let get rusty. If we deign to undertake this time earnestly, it makes the Easter celebration of the Resurrection all the sweeter.

May God give you a profitable and holy Lent.

4 thoughts on “Lent Is For Re-tuning The Piano Of Our Hearts.

    1. Thanks Judith! I’m glad you like what you saw. I hope you’re doing well. My family is doing well. Well enjoy being together. And Wesley is praying about moving this way which we would love absolutely love. But as you know, God has a tendency to do what he wants to do instead of what we want. So will have to wait-and-see. Thanks for reading our blog. I’d be glad if you passed it along to others so that they can read it as well.

      Blessings Paul Sent from my iPhone



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